Blu-Tak was a quick camera setting test for a few seconds.  As well as being a little bit of fun.



Richard Graves



After a couple of years, I started to try out new media and production styles.  Lego being a popular one (as there was plenty around).  Still using the spot the sumo in these productions.  I created a business SumoFilms as the little doodle had become quite the symbol for me.

And even though I now work with Lego, I use my original doodle of him and refer to him as 8-bit man due to the pixelated drawing in MS Paint.


What do we do?


​The Team

Make movie making fun.

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After a few animated creations, I put together this quick trailer for the channel (I think it needs updating now though).

  • Build videos - Time lapse builds of all the sets we obtain.
  • Animation - Create fun brickfilm animations for all.
  • Take requests - Lego Zombies was actually requested by a viewer.  So, get in touch always happy to hear from you, and your ideas was founded 24th July 2013.  With our first YouTube upload being a very quirky little production on the 31st July 2013.

Richard Graves

Why  This is a question that has a very simple answer (if you know me).  There is another YouTube channel in existence.  MisguidedSumo started in 2010 as a task of something to do when there is nothing to do.  Doodles was how I used to refer to them.  MS Paint and windows Movie Maker.

It was after the first few productions that I and a now interactive audience started to play a game.  This game was fondly referred to as "spot the sumo".  The character would be drawn in to frames and would sometimes be a single flash on screen that would need to be quickly spotted.